January 11, 2010

Is T.V. Really Garbage?

I had a conversation with my dad about the "brain rotting" power of television. The image of a slovenly, overweight, pathetic, Americans didn't come by accident; there's little denying that television has a stupefying effect. Psychologists claim it's robbing our generation of creativity since it does the job for you. Fair everything is true thus far. However, what about the redeeming quality of television? In the past turbulent 60 years, would people have believed their ears if television cameras weren't there to capture what radio can't even aspire to touch and what pictures are far to inadequate to convey. I came across a piece a art by happenstance on YouTube today. This is a snippet of a film that was a part of what was a multi-sensory theatrical multi-media experience from director Adam Curtis.

(Caution: Contains Disturbing Images)
It shows how television and motion pictures, for better or worse have brought us some of the most important moments of the last half century. It scares us, scars us, and yet rivets us. It takes those unforgettable moments and intersperses them with seeming random scenes that convey subtle themes. The clever editing coupled with music that seems to perfectly suit each moment.

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